Jason Carnell

Jason Carnell

Communications Director

Jason Carnell has been involved in Technology since before the release of Netscape Navigator. At a time when most people still didn’t own a computer, Jason was using one to make a living, first as a Graphic Designer, then making the jump to a Technology Career at the dawn of the Dot Com era.

Jason has a background in Information Security & Systems Engineering, with over 20 years experience at the crossroads of Technology and Business, making the orderly world of ones and zeros interface with the uncertain world of people, process’s and shifting strategies.

Part engineer, part behavioral psychologist, he is fascinated not by technology, but how people use it in their lives to build organic systems to solve problems, to build communities, and enrich their lives. Current projects combine multiple disciplines, such as finance, entertainment, marketing, social media, security, and Information Technology.

In addition to his Freelance work in Technology, Media & Digital Culture, Jason works as the Manager of Business Intelligence & Strategic Services  in the Gaming Industry, overseeing data analysis  and systems development, as well as managing the IT and Creative Services groups.

With almost 15 years experience in the Gaming Industry, both as a consultant and as an employee, He has become a vocal proponent of taking the technical mindset and applying it to business problems to create systems that work.
Jason serves as a Commissioner on the Ridgefield Planning Commission, and when not wrangling wayward business process’s, trains for ultra-endurance events,  runs a photo studio out of his garage, draws comic book superheroes,  relives the 90’s by playing Grunge covers on the guitar, and raises 4 kids with his ever suffering wife.

Jason is also an Alumni of  Leadership Clark County, Class of 2014. He Joined the RBA because he believes in what they are doing and wants to create a vibrant economy for all of Ridgefield.